Industrial Residence in Belarus Shatters Design Stereotypes

Dmitry Sheleg and Zrobym Architects designed an industrial-style residence filled with eye-catching details in Minsk, Belarus. The interior has a total living surface of 280 square meters (3,014 square feet) and combines a variety of textures and finishes.

“This home attempts to shatter the stereotypes associated with industrial-influenced interiors while still embracing the features,” the architects said. “It maintains the mainstays of industrial decor such as the extensive use of unfinished concrete and exposed duct-work but makes a more comfortable impression thanks to its warm color theme and comfortable furniture choices.”

The double-height living room acts as the social core of the house, with a massive chandelier reigning over the industrial elements. A fireplace clad in copper descends from the ceiling and creates a dramatic effect. The large and highly comfortable sofa was added to the scheme to diminish the “raw” ambiance.

“Upstairs, the bedroom makes a strong first impression with chain link fence over exposed brick and a vertical garden which reinforces the urban aesthetic,” the architects added. “The office takes a few risks to achieve its technical aesthetic – the result is creative and engaging, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye.” Photography courtesy of Zrobym Architects.

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